Xinshuo Weng is a 3rd-year Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University working on 3D computer vision and graph neural networks for autonomous driving. She previously worked at Facebook Reality Lab as a research engineer and completed her master’s degree at CMU. Her recent research is about applying Graph Neural Networks for object interaction modeling in perception (3D object detection and multi-object tracking). She has been awarded a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (2020 - 2021).

Daniel Omeiza is a 2nd Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford working on explainability in autonomous vehicles. He works with the human centred computing group and the cognitive robotics group under the RoboTIPS and SAX project. He obtained a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University and was previously a research intern with IBM Research.

Ye Yuan is a 4th-year Ph.D. student at CMU working on trajectory forecasting and imitation learning for Autonomous Driving. Prior to this, he received his M.S. in computer science from CMU and B.E. in computer science from Zhejiang University. He has interned at Facebook Reality Lab Pittsburgh and Disney Research Pittsburgh. He is the recipient of a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (2020-2021) and an NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship (2021-2022).

Shangxuan Wu is a perception engineer at Waymo. Previously, he worked as a perception engineer at Uber ATG and Facebook Reality Lab. He received his master’s degree in Computer Vision from CMU and B.E. in intelligence science from Sun Yat-Sen University. His research focus includes LiDAR object detection and prediction for self-driving.

Kris Kitani is an associate research professor and director of the MS in Computer Vision program of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his BS at the University of Southern California and his MS and Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo. His research projects span the areas of computer vision, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. His work has been awarded the Marr Prize honorable mention at ICCV 2017, best paper honorable mention at CHI 2017 and CHI 2020, best paper at W4A 2017 and 2019, best application paper ACCV 2014, and best paper honorable mention ECCV 2012.

Program Committee

We thank those who help review submissions to this workshop!

Henggang Cui, Motional

Dequan Wang, UC Berkeley

Jianyu Chen, UC Berkeley

Jiachen Li, UC Berkeley

Dazhi Cheng,

Zehao Huang, Beihang University

Hesham Eraqi, American Univ. in Cairo

Yongxin Wang, Amazon

Zhaoen Su, Uber

Yunze Man, CMU

Simon Vandenhende, KU Leuven

Alireza Golestaneh, Bosch Research

Carl Toft, Chalmers Univ. of Technology

Ahmad El Sallab, Valeo

Fabian Hüger, Volkswagen AG

Arun Balajee Vasudevan, ETH Zurich

Ran Cheng, Huawei Noah Ark Lab

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